Wayout Water


Perfect drinking water should be a human right

The problems we as humanity face can’t be resolved if we still think the way we thought when we created them. We need to think outside the box and dare to break free from the structures that hold us back. The technology is already here – we just need to get it out there and put it to use.

Wayout offers profitable and sustainable water production microfactories for local coverage of perfect drinking water.

It’s easy

Produced where we consume

Our microfactories can be operated locally by anyone that sees the opportunities in providing perfect drinking water for their customers – with minimal effort and a minimal eco footprint.


It’s good

Naturally local and low-priced

By producing locally, we bypass the old harmful system of transporting bottles across the planet. And by applying state of the art technology locally, the purity is perfected while keeping the price low.


It’s pure

All impurities are removed

Any local water source can be used. The water is completely neutralized through double reverse osmosis, UV- filtering and desalination, with medical grade purity in every step.


It’s smooth

Sweet and refreshing

The purified water is remineralized and sealed in sterilized lightweight stainless steel 20 liter vessels that impart no taste to the water – always delivered straight to your home.


It’s smart

Everything is connected

Through our smart dispensers, data is sent to the local operator and to the consumers notifying of relevant water info and metrics. The fully anonymized statistics are used for eco, delivery and price fine-tuning.


It’s green

Carbon lean and plastic free

A single micro factory produces affordable daily drinking water for 300 households while also removing up to 180,000 plastic bottles and 8 tons of carbon dioxide. Every month.